new dimension drafting is the brainchild and pride of Steven Markopoulos. Steven has 17 years experience as a building design and draftsperson and has been a Registered Building Practicioner since 2001. He has been a member of the Building Design Association since 2001, around the same time he branched out on his own to form new dimension after gaining experience working for a range of other companies. He retains the same enthusiasm for the industry now that he had when he started, embarking on every new project with excitement. Steven prides himself in running a small agency in order to give highly personalised service to all of his clients.

new dimension has completed a body of work both in Australia and overseas that demonstrates an ability to integrate an innovative and functional approach to projects. We believe in the phenomenological dimension of design: architecture must be experienced intuitively first hand. This philosophical approach is based on the physical and haptic experience of building materials and their properties that pertain to the sense of touch, sound, sight, weight, patina and the interplay of natural lights and shadows.

We approach our projects in logical, problem solving sequences. By understanding the issues intrinsic to each project, a design basis is deliberated, evolving into a tangible reality that functions around the client's demands.