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Thursday, 18 August 2011 09:17
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The final stage in our process is to complete every element of the proposed building work and ensure drafts are drawn up in fine detail. To complete this we work with relevant specialist consultants and dot every i and cross every t in order to submit a complete and all-encompassing contract document for building permit approval. This documentation consists of:

• General Notes
• Proposed demolition plan
• Proposed site plan
• Proposed ground floor plan
• Proposed first floor plan (where relevant)
• Proposed roof plan
• Proposed elevations
• Window schedule
• Construction sections
• Construction details
• Electrical layout plan

Once approval has been given it's time to build. We don't end our service here, however. We have relationships with a range of tried and trusted builders and tradesmen and would be delighted to introduce you to recommended suppliers. While you are obviously free to choose your own, it is often easier to use a combination of draftsman and builder who have worked together before as an established partnership to ensure the smooth running of your project. It gives you the opportunity to take our advantage of our experience to find a builder you can trust because we won't recommend someone you can't.

  • contract documentation service in brief:
  • prepare drawings at an appropriate scale including plans, elevations, sections and other details to enable the project to be tendered
  • co-ordinate and integrate the work of specialists consultants with the architectural drawings
  • submit completed contract documents for a building approval

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